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Berlin Apartment Purchase

       Berlin is one of the most influential political, economic, cultural and scientific centers of Europe. The Germany’s capital is a point of attraction for the tourists, offering highly varied culture entertainments, world-famous museums, theatres, operas and picture-galleries. The town enjoys prospering artistic and musical life and its calendar is abounded with different events.
       Our company “Nikol lex” Ltd assists in the purchasing of properties in Berlin, as well as their managing and maintenance on hotel method.

       Why to invest in Berlin?
         1. Improbable attractive purchase prices. In Berlin are the lowest real estate prices in comparison with the rest of the European capitals.
         2. The capital of the strongest economic in Europe has enormous potential for growth and development. Germany has the highest gross national product (GNP) within the framework of the European Union, as well as the most numerous population. In the conditions of the global trade of commodity and services Germany takes second place to USA.
         3. Only 14 % of Berlin citizens possess own homes. In the divided until 20 years ago city there was an untrustworthiness and a very poor internal property market.
         4. The rents are usually long-term. The rent contracts are for unlimited time period. The legislation gives great rights to the long-term tenant.
         5. The great tourist interest to Berlin ensures a search of many hotel type apartments. Millions of tourists visit Berlin every year, which ranks the city second in attendance in Europe after Paris. Many tourists search for apartment, where can feel the home comfort – with an equipped kitchen and everything needful for a normal life.
         6. Regulated legal system and protection. Germany is a modern and democratic country in the heart of Europe. The state protects the human rights and supports the applying of these rights. The systematic and balanced legislation creates a security for all investors. At the property sale-trade, the price is transfer into a confidential account of the notary, who is a guarantee of the realization of all stages of the deal.

       Our assistance consists of the following activities:

         1. Individual consulting of the client with a view to his desires and possibilities.
         2. Preliminary selection of suitable offers and placing them to the client’s disposal.
         3. View of the approved from the client offers, made by our representative in Berlin and estimation of the positive and negative sides of the property.
         4. Booking an apartment or a hotel room in Berlin and organizing the journey.
         5. View of the properties with the client, accompanied by a qualified interpreter.
         6. Leading the negotiations for the property purchase and arranging all necessary details.
         7. Preliminary translation of the sale-trade contract.
         8. Ensuring an official translator/interpreter for completing the transaction at a notary.
         9. Following services in managing and maintenance of the property:
           à) Changing the accounts for electricity, heating, water according the name of the new owner;
           b) Renovation of the property (if it’s necessary);
           c) Ensuring an internet connection, telephone, insurance of the property;
           d) Furnishing the property in condition, corresponding to its function;
           e) Registering and advertising the apartment in partner websites for online bookings;
           f) Daily updating of prices, availability calendar, discounts and special offers;
           g) Correspondence and co-ordination with the guests who have made bookings;
           h) Correspondence and co-ordination with a partner company in Berlin, which is caring about the maintenance of the apartment, meeting and seeing off the guests, receiving the amount due for the rent, cleaning, laundry and ironing the bed-linen and the towels, supplying with consumables, representation before the state, the municipality and the manager of the building.
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