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       Make your booking on-line, in real time and it’s 100 % guarantee. We offer you attractive prices and easy accommodation to enjoy your stay. No matter if your traveling is on business or for pleasure, you may be sure that there is a place where you can stay and feel so good as at home. Enjoy the comfort and calmness of the home in combination with more space and privacy.
Hotel 'Stream resort' apartm. 2 bedrooms
Charlottenburg 2009 offers a flexible alternative of a hotel, which gives you the possibility to feel comfortable, to work calmly and to enjoy with friends.
Nikol-Bad Wildbad 1
Cheap accommodations in hotel-type apartments – convenience for you and your family to enjoy in a full extent of your stay. Small or large, cheap or expensive - it's your choice.
Nikol-Bad Wildbad- Studio
Nikol-Bad Wildbad- Family room
Nikol-Bad Wildbad 2
Apartment Lucia
Nikol-Ludwigshafen suggests to our guests all advantages of completely furnished and equipped apartments combined with the facilities, offered in the hotels.
Nikol-Bad Wildbad 3
       The reservation system of offers a possibility for on-line booking of furnished apartments in real time. Just with a few clicks of the mouse you will have a confirmed and 100 % secure reservation for the preferred apartment. It’s necessary just to pay a small reservation fee by credit/debit card or bank transfer. You do this process with your’s own hand from your computer and the system automatically confirms the successfully made reservation.
       For more details, please get to know with the “General terms and conditions”, as well as the particular conditions of the concrete apartment.
       The information for each apartment (free dates, prices, conditions) is always actual and trustworthy.
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